protection implemented jointly

We want to do everything we can to ensure that we all stay healthy and that you can safely enjoy your stay with us.



Secure unattended check-in

With us you check in yourself at the check-in terminal - without direct personal contact around the clock.






We keep a distance

We leave at least 1.5 metres of space between us and our counterpart. We also follow this rule in our breakfast room.






Clean hands

You will find disinfectants at various places in our facilities. However, regular hand washing with soap is and remains the best remedy against viruses.





Greeting without hands

We would like to welcome you all very warmly, but without shaking hands - "Hello" in a different way.






Mouthguards, where distance is not possible

It is not always possible to keep the recommended distance, so in this case we use a mouthguard.






The 3G rule applies in the breakfast room and sauna.


we ask you to have a valid certificate and your ID card with you. 



Further information:
Federal Office of Public Health Switzerland (BAG)
Office of Public Health Liechtenstein (AG)