Self Check-in Hotel Oberland in Triesenberg

Just check in yourself

Never checked yourself into a hotel before? But you've taken money out of an ATM before, right?
Then you'll have no problems checking in at the Self Check-In Terminal at the Hotel Oberland in Triesenberg.


Arrive any time, day or night
The great advantage of the Self Check-In Hotel Oberland is that you can arrive at any time. Whether you arrive at midday or only get to Triesenberg after midnight, check-in is possible at any time.


Booked in advance
If you book in advance, you'll receive a reservation confirmation with a reservation number by e-mail. You'll need this at check-in so that the terminal can find your booking. Payment is by credit or Maestro card only, along with the associated PIN code.During the check-in process, you'll be asked to provide all of your personal contact details. So have your identity card or passport at the ready. Once the registration form is completed, you just need to sign it and your room card will be created.


Book on site
If you arrive unexpectedly and have not yet booked, you can do so directly at the Self Check-In Terminal.


Während dem Check-in Prozess werden Sie nach all Ihren persönlichen Kontaktdaten gefragt. Halten Sie deshalb Ihre Identitätskarte oder Ihren Pass bereit. Sobald der Meldeschein ausgefüllt ist, müssen Sie noch unterschreiben und schon wird Ihre Zimmerkarte produziert.


No check-out
When leaving, there's no need to check out, because you've already done this when checking in. Simply drop your room card into the check-out box.

Video Self Check-in

Uncomplicated and fast - this is the check-in at Hotel Oberland in Liechtenstein!